LNP, Our Mission

Hey Guys & Gals, this is Royce!
For over 20 years of serving the commercial and industrial lighting industry, I had to make some changes for me and especially for the industry.
The answer: LNP, Lights N Plastics.
My goal is to supply all your lighting and plastic needs from local inventory. Strips, Wraps, Troffers, High Bays, Vapor Tights, Lenses, Retro Kits & Parts...just let me know what you need and I'll deliver. Our manufacturing and assembly are certified and in compliance with UL 1598 & CSA 250 Standards.
It's great to be back and look forward to talking to all of you very soon!
Thanks for your support!

Royce Honstain

Call Us Now For All Your Lighting, Lenses & Plastics Needs!

Energy Products by LNP
We have a large inventory of quality lighting products that are assembled in our Seattle facility, check out our Products page.

Energy Efficiency Rebate program
Our products are approved for use in Energy Efficiency Rebate programs, we can assist you with the parts selection for the program

Free Local Delivery
For a quick service, let us know and we will arrange local delivery or will call at our Seattle warehouse

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